Friday, February 27, 2015

Long not working correct!


I tried to share Long object between 2 windows, and looks like Long is failing in the 2nd window.


class Obj {

Long someLong;
String someString;


now we export a method for taking a object in a opened Window

public static Obj getObj() { ... } public static native void exportStaticMethod() /*-{ $wnd.getObj= $entry(@mypackage.XXX::getObj()); }-*/;

then we open new window


and in the new window we call


we receive the object but the Long value inside fails with no exception. It just dosent work.
if we reset the received value it works again:

Obj objWithLong = $wnd.opener.getObj();

objWithLong .someLong = new Long (objWithLong .someLong);

then it works...

I guess some bug in the translation of long, I guess the represented long object in JS has some problems after shared between window...

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