Thursday, February 26, 2015

JSO: Why does this fail?


We switched to gwt 2.7 and now i have a compilation failure

[ERROR] JSNI method JsPromise.thenJava(Lcom/codenvy/api/promises/client/Thenable;)Lcom/codenvy/api/promises/client/Promise; attempts to call method Thenable.then(Ljava/lang/Object;)Lcom/codenvy/api/promises/client/Thenable; on an instance which might be a JavaScriptObject. Such a method call is only allowed in pure Java (non-JSNI) functions.

The code in question does

    public final <B> Promise<B> then(final Thenable<B> thenable) {
        if (thenable instanceof JavaScriptObject) {
            return this.thenJs((JavaScriptObject)thenable);
        } else {
            return this.thenJava(thenable);

    private final native <B> Promise<B> thenJs(JavaScriptObject thenable) /*-{
        return this.then(thenable);

    private final native <B> Promise<B> thenJava(Thenable<B> thenable) /*-{
        return this.then(function() {
            then: function(arg) {
                return thenable.@com.codenvy.api.promises.client.Thenable::then(*)(arg);

And there's a JSO implementation of the Thenale interface.

I've seen for example, but that's not the case as ThenJava will never be called with a JavaScripObject (unless I misunderstood).

So what's the problem?

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