Thursday, February 26, 2015

Canvas and drawing a text along an arc path


I was previously using SWTBCanvasText (an extension of GWTCanvas) to draw some text along a circle segment.
Since GWTCanvas is deprecated, I recently made the move to the regular Canvas in GWT.

It is possible to draw a text along a path, as shown in :

<path id="curve" d="M 10 100 C 200 30 300 250 350 50" stroke="black" fill="none" stroke-width="5" />
<text id="T" style="font-family:ariel;font-size:16">
<textPath xlink:href="curve">Hello, here is some text lying along a bezier curve.</textPath>

Basically, given a path with an Id (here "curve"), it is possible to create a textPath linked to this Id.

Unfortunately, I can't see how I can do this in the Context2d class.

Of course, I could draw the text letter after letter like in example herunder, but I would prefer using integrated function.

I could also integrate a massive library, but I don't consider it an option considering that, except for this issue, current Canvas class is fit for my needs.

Thanks for you advices,


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