Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Right-align popup on demand (gwt 2.6.1)

From PopupPanel class code I see that such panel can be aligned by the right edge of the target only if there is not enough space to show it left-aligned. And alignment by left side is default in English (default, LTR) locale.
Is there any possibility that I miss to reset it to be aligned by right side? Or only through custom hacks? 
It makes a lot of sense to me that for the labels (targets) located close to right side of my page (think My Settings and Settings icons here on Google Groups) - I would have popups that are aligned by the right edge too.

I have had custom code for this class for few years in pre 2.6.1 releases, but with major updates in this version I dumped them all. Works good so far except this alignment feature that I probably have to code for.


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