Friday, June 27, 2014

Re: You have to try : Putnami Web Toolkit your next GWT Framework.

Hi Eddy,

Thank you for the congrats. 
We know that it still an amount of work around the documentation stuff (Completeness, Typos, Javadoc). The framework is young and we keep working hard every day to improve it. 
We could focus our efforts on right things, simply with feedback on good but mainly on wrong or unclear things. 
What kind of documentation is missing? (Everything of course but as we are only two full time worker we have to sort them and go step by step)   
   - Complete tutorial (video or not?). 
  - More detailed examples. 
  - Javadoc 
  - Overviews of the frameworks and the features. 
  - Other ... 
We also are sorry for the low level of our English on the current documentation. But we did not practiced for a while. Any help is welcome. 

Concerning the forum, we have created a dedicated group to exchange around PWT. Everyone is welcome.

Also think to follow us on twitter. 



Le 27 juin 2014 à 02:26, Eddy Ponce <> a écrit :

Looks Great, like other serius UI , congratulations¡, I will try to use it the next week, the problem I think it is about the documentation , we must create a forums for this topic

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