Saturday, June 21, 2014

Re: Use of reflection inside generator

Type information across multiple GWT modules / about the whole project, e.g. find all implementations of an interface. SDM with incremental compile will compile each GWT module on its own. If a GWT module defines a generator that requires global knowledge this module compiles slower. Sometimes you can't avoid global knowledge in a GWT generator but sometimes you can use an annotation processor instead.

I'm writing a json serializer/deserializer so it gonna depends on what the user wants to serialize. 
I need informations about the type itself, all its subtypes and its superclasses all the way through java.lang.Object.

Is there any tool generating a dependency graph or something like that to spot problem in generator ? It seems hard to know if a generator will behave well in incremental compilation.
I didn't try a 2.7-SNAPSHOT yet but maybe there are some debug logs telling which module it needs to recompile and why.  

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