Monday, June 30, 2014

Fwd: [gwt-contrib] Translated to null.nullField when using JsInterop & @JsType

The newest @JsType feature is really very fascinating, and works in most cases. The only issue i found was the wrong null.nullField javascript output.

the compile command:
java -cp xxx -war xxx -XnoclassMetadata -XnocheckCasts -XjsInteropMode JS -XclosureCompiler -style PRETTY

Java code:
public CollaborativeOperation compose(JsonArray operations) {
    final CollaborativeOperation first = operations.<CollaborativeOperation> get(0);
    if (operations.length() == 1) {
      return first;
    final JsonArray components = Json.createArray();
    return new CollaborativeOperation(first.userId, first.sessionId, components);

translated to the following javascript:
 function $compose(operations) {
  var components;
  components = operations[0];
  if (1 == operations.length) {
    return components;
  components = [];
  $forEach(operations, new CollaborativeTransformer$1(components));
  return new CollaborativeOperation(null.nullField, null.nullField, components);

There's an easy workaround to fix this: using the -draftCompile options when compilation. Here is the full compilation log:

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