Monday, June 30, 2014

post-compiled textual replacement regex safety

hi I was wondering if there were any string-replace tokens that are less likely to conflict with gwt and closure output than just assuming a replacement token is unique 

i have success with replacing "YOUR_CLIENT_ID" with oauth tokens to date, but if someone knows any more formal textual tokens that are likely to succeed with compiled gwt and closure after obfuscation, a pointer would be great.

so first, the assumption is that strings can be merged at compile time.  then, not sure about this, but redundant or chunky similar strings might also be tokenized and recombined for whatever reason.  if that's the case, it would be better to ask now than to hit that when going beyond the trivial example.

the usecase being solved is a non-template engine serving gwt content with a one-time replacement pass for "YOUR_CLIENT_ID" and maybe other vars as needed.  as if compiling gwt to a jsp file, but not having or needing more than 1 or two replaced vars once per server startup.


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