Thursday, June 26, 2014

Re: You have to try : Putnami Web Toolkit your next GWT Framework.

Looks Great, like other serius UI , congratulations¡, I will try to use it the next week, the problem I think it is about the documentation , we must create a forums for this topic

El martes, 17 de junio de 2014 11:13:38 UTC-5, Fabien Dumay escribió:

Hello all,

I'am glad to announce that PWT also called Putnami Web Toolkit is out of the box.

PWT is a powerfull GWT framework which will revolutionize your productivity. 

Open source the repository is available on

We built PWT to be lightweight and efficient. 

It provides new graphical components based on a solid architecture.

  • Thanks to Twitter 's Bootstrap, your applications are responsive and easily themable.
  • The nice graphical components are easy to extend and to customize.
  • The data binding is a pushover, build form and dynamic tables is now so simple.
  • Server calls are simplified and optimized. Multiplex your queries, and say good bye to the useless Async interfaces.
  • Navigation is done to simplified the MVP. Split and scale your application without even knowing.
  • No third librairies, No external JS. Which provides security and serenity on your achievements and our future.

Focused on the useless code removal, all the graphical design is no more described in the java, but nicely lay on a UI template.

Easy to start, we think that's PWT is a serious alternative for your next web application developments.

All your feedbacks are really precious and will be taken into account with the utmost consideration.

Best regards

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