Friday, May 30, 2014

useManifestOnlyJar and too-long command lines on Windows

I have been getting errors when running 'mvn package'. They appeared when I changed the configuration for maven-surefire-plugin. I set useManifestOnlyJar to true, which is the default value for the plugin. The value was being set to false. I copied the POM XML directly from the output of webAppCreator run with the -maven switch. I don't fully understand the POM XML so I have never ediit so I've never really edited it.  A quick google search told me that 'useManifestOnlyJar' might be the culprit. However, now that I have set this to true, which again is the default for this plugin, I get a strange error (obviously I am inheriting

[ERROR] Unable to find type 'java.lang.Object'
   [ERROR] Hint: Check that your module inherits '' either directly or indirectly (most often by inheriting module '')

I am looking for a solution to this "command line too long" problem, if someone can help. Setting useManifestOnlyJar to true in the maven-surefire-plugin configuration produces the above error. I suppose I could try to trim the classpath but I have no real concept of how to do that, besides perhaps moving my sources around.

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