Monday, May 26, 2014

Re: Google Chrome 35 GWT plugin incompatibility

On Saturday, May 24, 2014 1:08:47 PM UTC+2, Vassilis Virvilis wrote:

I am not into maven (yet) but the equivalent in ant land I suppose is __reload__ task

This coupled with some ant rsync magic can  drop my redeployment down to 4sec. No web.xml reloads though...

I think all you actually need is a context.xml file in Tomcat's $CATALINA_BASE/conf with a docBase pointing to your "war" folder, reloadable="true" to automatically reload your app whenever a class or resource changes, and possibly a Loader to load classes from outside WEB-INF/classes and WEB-INF/lib (use a VirtualWebappLoader then).
Then you don't need to copy anything to Tomcat to deploy your app (just start it), or redeploy it (just save your *.java file, let your IDE recompile it and then Tomcat pick it up and reload the webapp automatically for you).

See and

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