Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Re: GWT & ways to speedup UI development

Once again. If data bindings are used, i.e. clear separation between view and model/viewModel, then complex validation scenarios are quite easy to implement and support.

On Monday, May 26, 2014 2:17:19 AM UTC-7, Mariusz Lewandowski wrote:
Thank you all for the hints! I definitely go into the Errai documentation and find out more!

Actually, the idea of GWT composite widget and using is as a reusable widget in ui.xml is well known to me.

I am looking for some ways to fasten the development, for instance maybe there is some tool to handle complex validation scenario and generate code?
By the way, how do you handle validation in GWT - not the simple one, but complex, tough scenarios?

Making UI in GWT is always a big pain due to time..

W dniu sobota, 24 maja 2014 02:45:29 UTC+2 użytkownik Slava Pankov napisał:
For me combination of UiBinder templates and Errai data bindings works perfectly fine.
With UiBinder you can create reusable blocks/frames/components (I cannot find a proper description), i.e. for example FlowPanel with some different widgets can be considered as whole UI block. Then in other UiBinder templates just reuse this block as composite widget.

On Friday, May 23, 2014 8:03:41 AM UTC-7, Mariusz Lewandowski wrote:
Hello guys,

I am doing intensive research for the question "How to speedup forms development in GWT?". The figures shows itself, that most time consuming tasks are those related to UI building.
I have a lot of form components (fields, listbox, textbox, calendards, etc.) and some custom validation framework.
Once a time there is a not standard business requirement to provide some specific behavior in component, it could be field dependency (visibility or validation dependencies).
Moreover, all logic is compacted in one library used by many application so I must be careful with changes due to the fact, that business requires just change in aplication X leaving Y,Z and V untouched.

I tried:
- GWT plugin for Eclipse, but without luck
- Some XForms standard to include in GWT project, but without luck.

Have you got some standard in UI development? Or some usefull tools, procedures?
I am still suffering from consuming UI dev including not only GWT, but also CSS, UI.XML etc.

I am looking forward for asnwer, Cheers.

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