Thursday, April 29, 2021

Re: Change CodeServer URL

In my project we solved this issue by putting a reverse proxy in front of both the CodeServer running on localhost and our application running on another machine. We are not using facebook authentication but we have our own SAML based auth system

I based that implementation on thomas his devserver project:

But I had to implement a few changes to make it fully work since codeserver dictates what path you should use to download the source maps for example. It would be nice if the CodeServer could be instructed to serve files from a different path than the root one. that would make it easier to fully support it.

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On 29 Apr 2021, 08:48 +0200, Gordan Krešić <>, wrote:
On 29. 04. 2021. 08:34, Craig Mitchell wrote:
From memory, Facebook will let you test with

Excellent trick, thanks!

However, here are other things I have to solve, too, like the need to test
other browsers in local LAN that don't support resolutions via /etc/hosts
neither will work with (because CodeServer is not on *their*
localhost). Smartphones/tablets are obvious example.


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