Friday, January 17, 2020

Re: Need help debugging 2.0.3 (IE/Chrome - Eclipse Neon)

Back in the days, DevMode used to require a browser plugin and actually ran the code in Java (rather than compiling it to JS as SuperDevMode does nowadays).
You can find the plugin for IE at (plugins for other browsers no longer work, unless you can find a very old Firefox version, such as 24 –btw, this is the very reason SuperDevMode had to be built–; but IIRC the IE plugin still works even in IE 11).
You'll then run DevMode in debug from Eclipse and set breakpoints in your Java code and debug it as if it was a standard Java application.

Please note that GWT 2.0.3 is very old (will be 10 YEARS OLD in a month from now) so you're highly encouraged to upgrade to GWT 2.8.2 (already more than 2 years old, but still working great with current browsers). Your main blockers are likely to be third-party dependencies though…

On Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at 6:06:35 PM UTC+1, Luis Soto Sepulveda wrote:
Hi Everyone:

I'm working on this web application (Intranet JEE / Rest Services application) and is using an OLD GWT version (probably 2.0.3 as i can see in the code)...

This application works fine running on Internet explorer and chrome, but here "development team" told me that i can "not perform direct debug in some java classes, mainly java files on Eclipse in front end (starting from GWT Entry Point and then...)

But i can debug some parts of back end with eclipse (rest services backend layer)...

So i need help with the following:

1) Can i debug GWT 2.0 using IE / chrome and Eclipse IDE (Neon) ???, IF YES please send me here any URL with this kind information...

As i can see i can not use "super dev mode" since i have no access to source maps in order to debug GWT and point this to JEE class files (because this is supported in GWT 2.5 or above)...

SO, how can i debug GWT if i have no access to Source maps ???????

(i'm also not administrator user in my machine, so i can not install software using windows installers)

Best Regards.

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