Friday, January 17, 2020

Re: Need help debugging 2.0.3 (IE/Chrome - Eclipse Neon)


a) request a dev box or context to host your debugging efforts that you can deploy to on demand.
b) setup a special project that can proxy via localhost requests to the API that you can deploy on your own machine that you also have setup to host the front-end you are working with
c) Convert entire project to version 2.8.2, make code adjustments to match 2.8.2, then you can debug via your dev setup using something like the GWT SuperDev debug via Eclipse chrome debug plugin or similar.

On 1/15/20 9:11 AM, Luis Soto Sepulveda wrote:
Hi Everyone:

I'm working on this web application (Intranet JEE / Rest Services application) and is using an OLD GWT version (probably 2.0.3 as i can see in the code)...

This application works fine running on Internet explorer and chrome, but here "development team" told me that i can "not perform direct debug in some java classes, mainly java files on Eclipse in front end (starting from GWT Entry Point and then...)

But i can debug some parts of back end with eclipse (rest services backend layer)...

So i need help with the following:

1) Can i debug GWT 2.0 using IE / chrome and Eclipse IDE (Neon) ???, IF YES please send me here any URL with this kind information...

As i can see i can not use "super dev mode" since i have no access to source maps in order to debug GWT and point this to JEE class files (because this is supported in GWT 2.5 or above)...

SO, how can i debug GWT if i have no access to Source maps ???????

(i'm also not administrator user in my machine, so i can not install software using windows installers)

Best Regards.
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