Friday, January 24, 2020

GWT SuperDev sourcemaps suddenly not being loaded by Chrome/FireFox/IE/Edge

I am using GWT for many years now. My project uses 2.8.2 and we are using SDM for debugging.
For some reason suddenly I can no longer debug my application in any of my browsers on my machine.
I was working up to 2 weeks ago.... and now it no longer works.

I have searched the internet for any hints what might be causing this... but found nothing that helps.

The strange thing is that it works when I connect from another PC to the same server that it works.

When SDM starts it prints that sourcemaps are available... but Chrome never even tries to download them.
In IE11 the button to download sourcemaps is disabled (and the mouseover says that there are no sourcemaps available).

Anybody a clue on what is driving the browser to decide that there are sourcemaps or not ?

What I don't get is that the problem is only on my machine (accessing the same server) and the problem is across all the browsers I have installed on it.

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