Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Re: dn-components new GWT UI library

The licence model has been updated!

Now the whole project including cell components under free open source licence!

Those who liked GWT's MVP + uibinder way of programming will like this project. It can be even mixed with old GWT widgets.

Complex components Lists,Trees, Tables with multi sorting , multi grouping , filtering, virtual scrolling, editors and many more.

All that in two UI implementations - Bootstrap and Material design with lots of builder classes that support writing ui framework specific code (programming model is the same for both).

Intellij plugin that supports HtmlBinder - Create pairs of java / html files in the same package, use intellij plugin to navigate between java @UiFields and html elements. Edit html code, reload browser to see immediate changes.

All the tools you need to preserve old GWT style of programing but modern and future ready !

On Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 2:29:41 PM UTC+1, nikola wrote:
landing page: 

Client side java UI framework for building rich web applications written purely in Java language using GWT compiler and elemental2 browser API without any external js libraries.

dn-components layered architecture makes process of developing modern complex user interfaces with ease.
Html binder and intellij plugin are the great tools that support this.

dn-components can have different view implementations. 

Default view implementation is based on bootstrap framework (only css and markup). The second is google Material design (work in progress)

- All the view implementations are in one java file 
- And all markup for all components are in one html file 

dn-components component has 3 layers of separation.

Each component has constructor where you can inject your custom view implementation that can accept different markups.

That means that you can easily customize component's views on application level by editing or BootstrapUi.html or single component by injecting its view.

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