Sunday, September 8, 2019

Re: GWT Support for Touch Event

"Maybe you should log all events using an event preview handler to figure out why your code does not work as expected." I did all these without any success and coming to this forum only as a last resort for help.

So you are saying the browser fires a touchend event but the GWT event handler isn't called as a result?

The issue with help requests in the form of "something does not happen in my app" is that we don't have the app :) So technically it is easier for you to debug your app to figure out why the handler isn't called. If the browser did not generate a touchend event then you already have you answer. Or maybe you have called event.preventDefault() somewhere which causes some events not to fire. 

Maybe you can make a minimal example project that mimics your application code and shows the problem you have.

-- J.

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