Friday, September 6, 2019

GWT Support for Touch Event

I'm implementing an online drawing tool using GWT & HTML5. I have handled mouse events successfully and I'm venturing in to handling touch events to cover devices that only fire touch events. I have tried*Events. 

I do notice TouchStart, TouchMove, & TouchEnd events being fired. However, when these events utilized (start drawing, continue drawing, finish drawing; for e.g., a line) handling events become inconsistent. TouchStart is always handled well but the other two, TouchMove and TouchEnd aren't handled consistently. Given below is a segment of code.

// Handle touch start
drawingPaper.addHandler(new TouchStartHandler() {
  public void onTouchStart(TouchStartEvent event) {
    startingPoint = PointerEventHelper.getUsableLocation(event, ...);
    // no device specific code in the method below
    handlePointerDownActionImpl(); /* Consistently getting called */
}, TouchStartEvent.getType());

// Handle touch move
drawingPaper.addHandler(new TouchMoveHandler() {
  public void onTouchMove(TouchMoveEvent event) {
    currentLocation = PointerEventHelper.getUsableLocation(event, ...);
    // no device specific code in the method below
    handlePointerMoveActionImpl(); /* Call to this is inconsistent */
}, TouchMoveEvent.getType());

I'm using browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Duck Duck Go, Bravo, Opera, and Opera Mini on my Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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