Monday, September 9, 2019

Re: GWT CSP compliance ('unsafe-inline' rule)

On Monday, September 9, 2019 at 3:36:00 PM UTC+2, Yuriy Ostapyuk wrote:

I'm struggling with GWT vs CSP problem, specifically 'unsafe-inline' rule.

I have an application with several deferred modules, which are compiled and linked with 'xsiframe' or 'direct_install' linkers. And my problem is that linkers use ScriptTagLoadingStrategy, which uses callbacks and eventually appends (and then deletes) <script> tag to GWT iframe with inline javascript in it, which in the end violates 'unsafe-inline' rule. I've experimented with default linkers and found out that 'sso' (SingleScriptLinker) fixes the problem, but unfortunately it's not the case for me, as it not support several modules/fragments.

So, I'm wondering maybe someone has already researched this problem or knows some kind of custom linker, which is using a different strategy to support CSP.

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestion.

Most important here in the end is the TODO comment; but that means you should be able to create your own custom linker that would override that method (and possibly others, e.g. getJsRunAsync).

But currently, yes, you need unsafe-inline (and/or CSP3's strict-dynamic, and/or CSP2's hash sources –it should be possible to compute those hashes at compile-time using a special linker; in the worst case a special CrossSiteIframeLinker's wrapDeferredFragment override–)

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