Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Jsinterop: java arrays, native arrays, JsArray and strings


I want to know if a java array is the same underlying object with a js native array.

    @JsType(isNative = true, namespace = JsPackage.GLOBAL, name = "Object")
    public static class MyObject {
        int x;
        public static MyObject create(int x) {
            final MyObject o = new MyObject();
            o.x = x;
            return o;

    public void onModuleLoad() {
        // check if java arrays are implemented by the same underlying native array
        final MyObject[] java_array = new MyObject[] { MyObject.create(1), MyObject.create(4), MyObject.create(16) };
        DomGlobal.console.log((Object) java_array);
        // cast to nativeJsArray<double>
        final JsArray<MyObject> js_array = Js.uncheckedCast(java_array);
        // delete second object
        // DomGlobal.window.alert("Check this out");
        js_array.splice(1, 1);
        DomGlobal.console.log((Object) java_array);


Array(3) [ {}, {}, {} ]
Array(3) [ {}, {}, {} ]
Array [ {}, {} ]
Array [ {}, {} ]

So the splice call succeeds and I can remove elements from the java array. Cool. So this is evidence that java arrays are backed by js arrays,

  • Arrays, double are mapped to native types.
  • We have @JsFunction and Function
  • int is mapped to js number --> double
Is it possible to also map java.lang.String to native JsString

        final JsString x1 = new JsString("x1");
        final String x2 = Js.uncheckedCast(x1);
        DomGlobal.console.log((Object) new String[] {x2});
        final String x3 = x2.replaceAll("1", "3");
        DomGlobal.console.log((Object) new String[] {x3});

String { "x1" } <- native js string
Array [ String ] <-- java clas String with value "x1"
Array [ "x3" ] <- native js string ???? Why?

I don't really understand the results. Any comment?

Vassilis Virvilis

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