Thursday, May 30, 2019

Re: Is this project active?

Bob, you are right! At the moment, there is no communication, so GWT might look dead. 

The only way to get informations for now  is to visit the Gitter rooms for gwtproject and j2cl  

Many contributors are working on GWT 3 to get it work. 

* create gwt modules that work with j2cl (remove JSNI, replace generators, etc)
* Colin and Dimitrii (I think) are working on maven j2cl plugins
* Ahmad has written a really nice widget lib which will be j2cl ready (

Many others are working on frameworks that will work with j2cl like:

* Elemento 
* autorest
* Nalu 
* mvp4g2
* etc.

and many more (sorry, if I missed something and for sure I will, there are a lot more). All these libs need to be tested with j2cl, needs docs, etc. This is a lot of work, that the contributors are doing in their rare free time.

Once, we got more things working, we will move the migrated modules to maven central and do announce them. 

And of course we need to update But, this is only reasonable once we got things working and now, what to write.

For all of you, who are missing more informations, visit the Gitter rooms and offer your help. 

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