Friday, May 31, 2019

Re: Is this project active?

On Fri, May 31, 2019 at 10:55 AM Rob Newton <> wrote:
A contributor may develop something new or port something, and then announce it to the community that it is available for use, but there is no central site listing/promoting these wares.

A central place would be nice and has been tried before but it takes a lot of effort to establish it and keep it going.
Perhaps things are in too much flux to attract new developers to using GWT.  Perhaps the goal should be to retain existing GWT users?  The more users there are, the more contributors there will be, and the better GWT will be for all of us.  Conversely, the fewer users there are, ... .

I think that is the point porting the GWT2.x modules to jsinterop. To help retain existing users.

There is also a lot of companies that have abandoned all of those framework libraries and just use jsinterop and java to js compiler. Vue-GWT seems successful. We use react+GWT and find it invaluable. I think all of googles stuff probably does this.
(It's easy for me (a non-contributor) to list some shortcomings, but am I going to volunteer my personal time to improve things?  Or do I expect Google to do everything, and I just use it and give nothing back?)

I don't think Google is really responsible. I expect that in time that the jre layer + jsinterop library will probably move out of GWT and into their own repositories so they can be more easily used by J2CL (googles replacement java-to-js compiler) at which point I am not sure how much work will go on in the current GWT repo. However I expect work in the elemental2, j2cl and other repos to continue.


Peter Donald

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