Thursday, May 30, 2019

Re: GWT - Still Active ?

With GWT getting old, this is becoming painful, because GWT did cool things, like animation and date pickers and rich text editors, by brute force back when that was necessary.  Now, however, HTML5 and other things have evolved to offer better, cleaner solutions, but often it's difficult to impossible to make GWT work with those solutions, because of the private members.

Personally, I love GWTs Java to JS compiler, and its seamless RPC ability.  As you mentioned, its widget library is now dated, and not great to work with.  I usually keep my use of it to a minimum, instead, creating my own components, or using an off the shelf solution.  Eg:

Put some effort into communication! 

Yes.  That would be nice.  :-)

Good rant.  I love GWT, and still hold out a lot of hope for GWT 3.0.

Off topic:  I do wonder how web assembly (WASM) is going to impact GWT, especially if it gets garbage collection, and therefore makes Java to WASM compilation possible.

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