Monday, May 27, 2019

A set of libs working in both j2cl and gwt2


DominoKit is glad to announce a set of small libs that works for both gwt and j2cl :

  •  - domino-slf4j-logger : use slf4j logging on gwt/j2cl client side, good for code portability over the JVM.

  •   domino-aggregator : wait for set of sync operations or events to be completed before executing some code, works perfectly in single thread environment, will be updated to use Futures or Rx later.

  •  domino-history : for working with the browser history state api listening to token changes, filter token, parsing token, updating token, use variable token parameters, good for routing implementations.

  •  domino-jackson : Jackson based JSON mappers using annotation processing, same mapper works on client side and JVM.

  •  domino-rest : Brings JaxRs support to the client side, define the Service interface and use JaxRs to generate a client to make REST calls to the server, easy to use and easy to configure.

 And next we are going to also make both **domino-ui** and **domino-mvp** works on both j2cl and gwt from master branches, and with this we aim to provide a full stack of libs for building apps using GWT/J2CL.

Ported GWT libs used in our libs stack

  •  gwt-cldr
  •  gwt-datetimeformat
  •  gwt-timer
  •  gwt-regexp
  •  gwt-event
  •  gwt-core
  •  typedarrays
 happy GWTing, Happy J2CLing. :smile:

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