Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Snail Mail: AAI Conference by Slow + Fin

Slow Ventures Snail Mail

 Snail Mail: Special Invitation – AAI Conference by Slow + Fin

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 

Welcome to another edition of Snail Mail. This week we have a special invitation to an AAI Conference hosted by Slow Ventures and Fin.

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Next Tuesday 12/4 in SF, Slow and Fin are hosting an AAI (artificial-artificial intelligence) conference focused on the future of work. It will be a pretty informal "conference" including builders, investors, and thinkers in the space exploring different use cases for 🤖 + 👫 hybrid systems.

We have a great group coming (check out our 1-pager!) and room for a few more so would love for you to join! 

Dec. 4th, 2018 from 10AM - 4:30PM at The Village @ 969 Market St., 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103

AAI Conference 1-Pager (includes details and participants!)

Discount code: fulldiscount

Also, there will be 🍺 🍷 🍽 and probably some other 💩!
It is increasingly clear to most people that the future is all about machine and human hybrid systems - mixing intelligence to provide superior services in consumer and business use-cases.  Many companies are starting to move into this world, building next generation artificial-artificial intelligence systems (AAI) that are faster, high-quality, and more efficient.

AAI 2018 Conference Agenda

Morning Agenda:  The Big Picture

🤖Anatomy of AAI:  Introduction from Sam Lessin - a big picture on the future of work, and the evolution of AAI services in the last several years. (10:00AM)

👫All About People:  All AAI services have people at the core.  We will discuss:  How to weigh choices between crowdsourcing, vs. contractors, vs. full time hires? Foreign vs. Domestic?  Approaches to training, quality management, scheduling, and more. (10:20AM)

💻The Leverage of Technology & Automation:  AAI systems get leverage from technology and automation.  We discuss different approaches companies take to what they choose to automate fully, vs. semi-automate, vs. leave manual processes.  How do you fit different types of work / steps of work to technology vs. human options (10:40AM)

📐Measurement and Optimization: Measurement and data are the lifeblood of any company, human+computer hybrid systems only make measurement more difficult - because the strategies for measuring technical and human systems can be so different.  What seems to work for measuring AAI systems, and what doesn't. (11:00AM)

👀 Privacy and Security: Broadly the panel will focus on privacy being a hot topic across the technology world today, but AAI systems make things even more challenging -- because fundamentally there are people and machines touching user and client data in different ways. We would love for you to shed some light on what lessons can be learned from consumer and/or enterprise cases. (11:20AM)

💰Investing in AAI: Service businesses are traditionally difficult for venture investors to get excited about - they are harder to scale than pure technology and frequently have lower margins… Hear from a panel of investors in AAI companies on what they look for / what worries them and how they approach the market (11:40AM)


Afternoon Agenda:  AAI in Specific Verticals

📊Business Services: A series of AAI companies are taking on a range of corporate departments / roles… ranging from recruiting, to sales lead generation, to legal - hear from a set of companies looking at using AAI to replace or augment corporate departments beyond customer service (1:00 PM)

📌Customer Service: In many ways, customer service is the first place AAI has come into play -- it may be the first great use-case. Hear from companies focused on customer service applications of AAI        (1:30 PM) 

📈Productivity: Many AAI companies are creating / targeting services around increasing productivity of office work, or offloading specific repetitive knowledge work tasks done by white collar workers- hear from a set of companies about what works / does not work in AAI productivity (2:30 PM)

👩‍⚕️Healthcare: Healthcare is an interesting area for AAI where many great companies are sprouting up.  Hear from leaders in the space looking to apply AAI techniques to lower the cost and improve the quality of health services (2:00 PM)

🛠 Tools: One of the deep challenges of building in the AAI space is that most people end up needing to build many systems alone - the tool-chain of AAI services is still developing and young compared to pure technology.  Hear from builders that are trying to provide tools to AAI companies (3:15 PM)

🏁Closing Remarks - AAI in 2019 and Beyond:  What do we expect to change in the next year in the market. (4PM)


Discount code: fulldiscount

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