Saturday, November 24, 2018

Re: First application working as both J2CL and gwt2 at the same time

On Saturday, November 24, 2018 at 8:21:58 PM UTC+1, Vassilis Virvilis wrote:
Thanks for posting this.

Not sure if I read this correctly.

Assuming all other being equal (can't really be sure):

 GWT:  Loading of *.cache.js takes 433ms for 75.8KB - there is also app.nocache.js 95ms for 3.3KB
 J2CL: Loading of app.js takes 490ms for 70.5KB

The difference in timing is of course a network artifact since j2cl has less code to transmit.

Does j2cl has something equivalent of *.nocache.js. How it is linked? Does it use an iframe as GWT or is directly loaded in the document window?

J2Cl is only a Java to JS transpiler. JS compilation is done by the Closure Compiler. There's no notion of "permutation" (or, more accurately, it's a manual task, generating separate scripts, with no built-in equivalent to a selection script –GWT's *.nocache.js; btw even for GWT, Google uses server-side selection, have a look at the HTML source of Google Groups for an example).
In the case of this app, the code is loaded directly into the document; the "linker" is kind of a "hack", based on Colin's preliminary work to build a "devmode" ( and an additional script to run the onModuleLoad (

I could see a lot of GWT programs breaking if the link model changes...

J2Cl != GWT3

"Linkage" is part of the things that still need to be done for GWT3: how to handle permutations with the Closure Compiler? How about code splitting?
For apps that don't need i18n and/or code splitting, J2Cl + Closure Compiler (and the various J2Cl-compatible libs that are being developed now), and a simple "bootstrap script" (to create the entry point and call its onModuleLoad), should "just work".

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