Friday, November 30, 2018

Generate user.agent independent code

I'm interested in compiling my GWT code unaware of any user.agent. When removing the user.agent property from the xml GWT compiles 5 permutations but I would actually like just one (for Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge). I can for example set the user.agent to Safari, compile it and it runs (apparently) perfectly fine in Firefox but of course I get the severe warning that: "Possible problem with your *.gwt.xml module file."

So my question is two fold:
  • Can I create just one permutation without getting a warning when loading the file
  • How could I check where GWT creates different JavaScript code for different browsers to find possible issues when just using one permutation for the listed browsers.
If it helps:
  • I'm not using any GUI functionality from GWT. Basically GWT is only glue code between TypeScript and a WebAssembly API.
  • The whole project consists of 2 GWT Projects, where one will launch a native javascript web worker which loads the 2nd GWT project.

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