Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Re: GWT Future plan

Three quick points:
  • There will be a GWT 2.9, which you can somehow track here:
  • Many people are working on "disassembling" gwt-user into smaller libs that will also work with j2cl, changing the package from to org.gwtproject, so they can also be used with GWT 2's gwt-user. A few of them have already moved to the gwtproject organization on GitHub:
  • GWT 3 will be a "rebuild" based on j2cl and the closure compiler: a set of "build tools" (Maven plugin and Gradle plugin, a "dev server", a solution to bring back "permutations" –mostly for i18n– and a "selection script", etc.), and a set of libraries (see above).
All of this is community driven, with people contributing for the most part on their own time, so there's absolutely no ETA for anything.

On Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 7:32:27 AM UTC+1, mohammed sameen wrote:
Hi All,
  We have multiple product developed primarily using GWT and currently used by our end customers.

Wanted to know the road map of GWT. I got some unofficial update that google is moving there product which is developed in GWT to some other new technology. Is it true?

What is long term plan for GWT and also we haven't seen any new release from past one year. Any suggestions ?

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