Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Re: GWT Future plan

Hi Marko,

I guess you have not been following GWT discussions a lot. GWT 3 is going to build on top of this j2cl and from what I followed here, on gwt-user and on gitter, there are already a lot of packages of GWT converted to work with j2cl.

There will be problems supporting everything in GWT 2, but quite frankly, it is about time that newer ideas are explored and older technologies are removed.

My hope is that we can start using j2cl and gwt 3 to create reusable webcomponents. Reusable with other technologies, not just if you just stick with one tech stack.

On 14 Nov 2018, 14:16 +0100, Marko <>, wrote:
11 hours ago Google released the first version of this "other new technology", which is named J2CL and is located here:

They took the existing GWT Java Emulation Library, but have rewritten the Java-2-JavaScript transpiler in such a way, that the resulting code is prepared for JavaScript Closure Compiler ( This has been made to make Java code much easier to integrate with existing JavaScript apps.

J2CL will not support the GWT Widgets, GWT RPC and other GWT libs - only the basic Java and also the JSInterop.

So basically this is significantly reduced version of GWT with completely new transpiler. And because of such big changed and non-compatibility with GWT this is not called GWT anymore, but J2CL.


On Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 7:32:27 AM UTC+1, mohammed sameen wrote:
Hi All,
  We have multiple product developed primarily using GWT and currently used by our end customers.

Wanted to know the road map of GWT. I got some unofficial update that google is moving there product which is developed in GWT to some other new technology. Is it true?

What is long term plan for GWT and also we haven't seen any new release from past one year. Any suggestions ?

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