Friday, November 30, 2018

Re: GWT compiler isn't allowing 'default' as a javascript object property in my JSNI block

try 'default' instead
On 30 Nov 2018, 15:17 +0100, Dylan DSouza <>, wrote:
I'm porting my Java LIBGDX game to Javascript. There's some JSNI code that looks something like this:

private native void hello()
    var object1 = {default: 'foo', b: 42};

GWT refuses to compile this, giving me this error:

      [ERROR] Line 38: invalid property id
>       var object1 = {default: 'foo', b: 42, c: {}};
> ------------------------^
I tried the same code in native Javascript here and it works fine.

I'm guessing 'default' is some kind of keyword that GWT isn't allowing but I need to use it, because its expected by the interface I need to send the object to, specifically the Facebook Instant SDK and its LocalizableContent object.

Any help will be appreciated!

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