Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Why doesn't my call to TableSectionElement.setInnerSafeHtml() get rendered to the DOM?

I have a legacy application that uses UIBinder to render the UI. I am trying to spit out records into a standard element. In my view.ui.xml file, I have a table with my semantic element setup and a element with the appropriate ui:field.

<table>    <thead>      <tr>        <th>&nbsp;</th>        <th>Customer #</th>        <!-- Shortened for brevity -->      </tr>    </thead>    <tbody ui:field="tbody"><!-- Note the ui:field defined -->    </tbody>  </table>  

In my class, I have that ui:field coupled to a TableSectionElement.

public class View extends Composite implements ViewPresenterInterface {      @UiField TableSectionElement tbody;      public TableSectionElement getTbody() {        return tbody;      }  }  

In my class that handles rendering the table elements, the code is fairly straight-forward:

private void renderOrderTable() {          List<OrderToReviewProxy> sortedList = sortOrders(orders);          SafeHtmlBuilder sb = new SafeHtmlBuilder();          for(OrderToReviewProxy order : sortedList) {                          sb.appendHtmlConstant("<tr>");              sb.appendHtmlConstant("<td>");              sb.appendEscaped(order.getCustomerNumber());              sb.appendHtmlConstant("</td>");              sb.appendHtmlConstant("</tr>");          }          view.getTbody().setInnerHTML(""); // Breakpoint A            view.getTbody().setInnerSafeHtml(sb.toSafeHtml()); // Breakpoint B      }  

At Breakpoint A, inspecting view.getTbody() shows me the <tbody></tbody> element empty, as expected. Stepping over Breakpoint B, inspecting view.getTbody() shows me the <tbody> element with the expected HTML that the SafeHtmlBuilder generated during the for loop.

However, when I look at the rendered page, the <tbody> element has no child nodes. None of the HTML from calling sb.toSafeHtml() seems to get written into the DOM. Can anyone help me out here? I have no idea why this isn't working.

I asked this question on StackOverflow as well, in case anyone wants extar points for answering it there. I am stumped!

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