Friday, April 27, 2018

Re: Using StyleInjector with Polymer and Custom CSS Properties

Made a workaround for this.

Instead of using StyleInjector. I just created a wrapper class that treats it like a mundane style element with loaded innerHTML from the resource:

public interface CSSStuff extends ClientBundle {

public static final PageCSSResources INSTANCE = GWT.create(PageCSSResources.class);

TextResource siteCss();


//...Somewhere else
StyleElement element = Document.get().createStyleElement();        

On Friday, April 27, 2018 at 10:01:11 AM UTC-4, Tyler Moore wrote:
I use StyleInjector to inject CSS rules that work with Shadow DOM Custom Properties:

A snippit from the CSS I inject:

event-action-table.event-action-list-editor {
--table-height: 200px;
-property-with-no-double-minus-prefix: 0;

A snippit from the custom element template:
-grid {
: 100%;
: var(--table-height);

However, at run time, it looks like anything that is prefixed with '--' get's ignored by the injector. In the above case, my output element style looks like:
event-action-table.event-action-list-editor {
-property-with-no-double-minus-prefix: 0;

Why is that?

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