Saturday, February 3, 2018

Re: Migrating from GWT 2.5.1 to 2.8.2 - Problem with Super dev mode

Oh alright, I really was messing things, thinking the previous bookmarklet methods were not working anymore. This suits me well and works perfectly! 

Although I'm not sure I understand how is the compilation / packaging supposed to work now. To generate my client files, I shall use gwt:compile (output to deploy dir)? If so I did not manage to do so invoking it on my root-project or web-client. On root project, when I use gwt:compile with no args, it requires me to define a GWT module, which is not the case. If I use -pl web-client -am it fails missing shared. And it fails similarly when I invoke it inside web-client.

So I only managed to do this running mvn install on root-project so far. Is there a better way, please ? :)

Many thanks again, this is starting to work!


Le samedi 3 février 2018 16:15:09 UTC+1, Thomas Broyer a écrit :
You can also use Super Dev Mode with bookmarklets (without -launcherDir), or setup a reverse proxy.

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