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Re: DataGrid column resizing

is there any progress on this issue ?

среда, 15 августа 2012 г., 19:20:43 UTC+4 пользователь Matthew Pocock написал:

I'm working with a DataGrid where I don't know the ideal width of the columns beforehand (or, indeed, the columns). I want it to scroll horizontally when it overflows the viewing area, and I'd like columns to minimally be wide enough to render their content and their headers/footers. If I leave everything to the defaults, the table resizes the column widths to fill the viewport exactly, which for tables with lots of columns makes things unreadable. I tried this:

table.setMinimumTableWidth(table.getColumnCount() * 5, Style.Unit.EM);

This at least makes some of the data visible but doesn't implement the behaviour I want.

Is there a switch I need to throw? Or do I need to do something more complex?



Dr Matthew Pocock
Integrative Bioinformatics Group, School of Computing Science, Newcastle University
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