Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Is Document.get().createKeyPressEvent() not available in IE11?

Is there any way for a GWT app to use createKeyPressEvent (or equivalent) in IE11? I just isolated an odd browser console error message to

  private native NativeEvent createKeyEventImpl(Document doc, String type,

      boolean canBubble, boolean cancelable, boolean ctrlKey, boolean altKey,

      boolean shiftKey, boolean metaKey, int keyCode, int charCode) /*-{

    var evt = doc.createEvent('KeyboardEvent');

    if (evt.initKeyEvent) {

      // Gecko

      evt.initKeyEvent(type, canBubble, cancelable, null, ctrlKey, altKey,

        shiftKey, metaKey, keyCode, charCode);

    } else {

      // This happens to be IE11+ as of today

      if ($wnd.console) {

        $wnd.console.error("Synthetic keyboard events are not supported in this browser");



    return evt;


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