Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Re: Take advantage of the JavaScript compilation cache (Chromium)

That Chrome caching is entirely transparent to JavaScript. So you would need to ask the Electron guys if that can be enabled in V8 used by Electron.

If your initial load is 29 MB then I would say split points need to be optimized. Sure GWT's left over fragment grows and grows the more GWT SDK stuff is shared between split points, but at least your own code can probably be split up better. Have you already taken a look at the compile report of GWT (passing -compileReport and -extra <path> to GWT compiler)? I am pretty sure you can spot places that can be optimized. 

Also 29 MB seems pretty huge for a single "safari" permutation. Do you really have that much code or do you inline lots of Resources (images, js libs, whatever) into the JS using ClientBundle? I think the compile report also shows some numbers for this.

-- J.

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