Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Re: JsInterop Array

Beware using JsArray<Double>, instead use JsArray<JsNumber>, see https://github.com/google/elemental2/issues/28.

A third option, with elemental2-core, rather than explicitly copying the array, ask the browser to do it for you with slice(). First cast the array to JsArray<JsNumber>, then slice it to get a copy of its contents, without the expandos.

JsArray<JsNumber> nodesJsArray = Js.cast(nodes);
JsNumber[] noExtraProperties = nodesJsArray.slice();

This can be handy when passing the int[] to something which refuses to handle extraneous properties, like window.postMessage. Yes, it is confusing that it appears you actually end up with a Java array, but it will not have those extra properties in this case.

On Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at 5:02:48 AM UTC-6, cesar paulo alves wrote:
Ok guys, so I apologize, after a few tests I realized something, as Thomas said about the js lib should't be reading the content, I went digger and realized that the problem was not on the expando properties but the name of the nodeSet array... The js looked for a "nodeSet" array and I was passing it as "nodeSets" array. Very sad (I'm not good with javascript). Thanks for all your help Vassills and Thomas.
I switched my code as Vassils as suggested and could find the bug(me) because of what Thomas said. Thanks a lot and sorry for taking your time.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

César Alves

terça-feira, 19 de Dezembro de 2017 às 07:18:00 UTC, cesar paulo alves escreveu:
Hello guys, so I'm getting crazy with this.

I need to inject a java array inside a javascript library.

The problem is that the Js library will iterate over an integer array, and if the element is not an integer it exits the function.
When I create the integer array and pass it to plain javascript array, for some reason it carries garbage inside, I already tried everything with no success.

So this is my java nodeset (https://pastebin.com/AdJqj80p)

I'm using the gwt-interop-utils -> https://github.com/GWTReact/gwt-interop-utils/blob/master/src/gwt/interop/utils/client/plainobjects/JsPlainObj.java

And when I inspect the javascript object in the browser you can see it has lots of garbage, and I cant clean it. See the nodes array I have (_clazz_0_g$,__elementTypeCategory$,_elementTypeId$"......).

And when I do the same with Js I don't have this garbage (obvious).

I already used the JsArray and everything, but no luck =/.

Do you have any Idea how to have a plain javascript array with jsInterop?

Thanks a lot.

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