Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Chrome debug crash with super devmode

I can't use super devmode with Chrome for debugging because when the source panel of the developer tools is opened, then the Chrome process (not the whole Chrome) crashes.
The cause seems to be the request of both files sourceMap.json and symbolMap. 
The last message logged in the console is :
[INFO] GET /sourcemaps/myapp/844426EA9DFF6DCDCD3D609E2793943A_sourcemap.json
[INFO]    sent source map for module 'myapp' in 757 ms

These two files seem to be too large for the process (respectively  18 and 209 MB).
Our application is very big and it uses GXT, GWT Editor framework*, and an additional library (Resty) for serializing in json the data for the communication between client and server*
Firefox is not a good alternative, because it is too slow.
We use IntelliJ, but not the Professional version, so we can't use IntelliJ GWT integration. We don't want to use Eclipse (even if SDBG is a great plugin).

Our current super devmode configuration includes the OBF style parameter and we have removed the options generating the stacktraces in the GWT module configuration file to generate the shortest possible files.
Any help would be appreciated (super devmode configuration...)

(*)  it generates a lot of classes at the super devmode compilation !

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