Monday, October 16, 2017

Is there a good tutorial with examples for JSInterop available somewhere ?

I am want to wrap some basic functions from the visjs timeline library :

I just want to create a timeline. Passing in the data can be done using simple json strings.
And then I also want to add a handler when an item is updated. This is done using callback functions in javascript

    items.on('update', function (event, properties) {
         console.log(JSON.stringify(event) + " ; " + JSON.stringify(properties));

Is there anywhere a tutorial available about the latest version of JSInterop ? With some example where a basic UI javascript widget is wrapped, with callbacks ?

I am not really getting things done with the basic documentation on the GWT website. Note that I know nothing about JavaScript.

I managed to wrap this using JSNI. But really want to use JSInterop.

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