Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Controlling Inling in GWT compiler


So I am trying to figure out a way to control inlining in GWT compiler and potentially if it will be compatible with J2CL. My motivation is that I want to build type-safe builders that are compiled away at runtime. The idea is to compile something like
new InputBuilder().type( InputType.checkbox ).className( "foo" ).child( "Hello" ).build()
React.createElement('input', { className: 'foo' }, 'Hello')
And browsing the code I thought I could make use of @ForceInline and @HasNoSideEffects in appropriate places to control the inlining. The goal would essentially be to move most of the building code into caller which allow the data flow analyzer to zap it into a nice compact form. But I can not seem to get it to work.

It is unclear whether I am using it wrong or it just won't work and reading through the compiler source code is proving to be slow way to understand the problem. 

@ForceInline does not seem to force inlining but instead raises an error if code is not inlined? Am I understanding this correctly? Certainly adding the annotation to all the places that I wanted that occur causes a error like "Function X is marked as @ForceInline but it could not be inlined". Reading through the JsInliner source code has not enlightened me why.

So more code less talk. Here is the example I have been working with

Next question is around optimisation of the new jsinterop code. It seems that GWT compiler does not work particularly well and something like
final JsPropertyMapOfAny prop = JsPropertyMap.of();
prop.set( "a", 1 );
prop.set( "b", 2 );
prop.set( "c", 3 );
will not produce an object literal.
So do you think this is an achievable goal with GWT2, what about in J2CL? Any suggestions on how I could achieve this?
BTW I know using things like @ForceInline and @HasNoSideEffects is "dangerous" and unsupported but I am comfortable with the impact I would have on compile size/time. (Once worked on JikesRVM which is a JVM written in Java which has similar annotations and similar tradeoffs - see http://www.jikesrvm.org/JavaDoc/org/vmmagic/pragma/package-summary.html)


Peter Donald

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