Saturday, August 26, 2017

Re: How to configure GWT project in eclipse to export war?

Hi there,

This post below was helping me to succeed.

However, when I was facing the similar problem to your, this is how I done it. It is pretty much starting over, but I love it.

1. I downloaded the latest gwt here Please note that I use "GWT SDK" from the first one.
2. I downloaded the latest Eclipse. Please note that I have tried using older Eclipse 3.8.1-8, which is in Linux repositories, but it would not work with the plugin "GWT Eclipse Plugin". From the link here,, please click on the second link "Plugin for Eclipse", drag, and Drop "Install" button" onto Eclipse.

3. Installed the file from step 1, and follow the steps here. If I don't create my project this way, I have problem, as the tutorial is much more difficult to follow. I also found that troubleshoot, and getting help online is a lot easier.

gwt-2.8.1 chmod u+x webAppCreator ./webAppCreator -out MyWebApp com.mycompany.mywebapp.MyWebApp

At this point, your project would be here in this folder "gwt-2.8.1".

4. Now, this step is important for me, and it is what you are facing.

The tutorial would ask you to do this, which would work as well.

cd MyWebApp/    ant devmode

But this command below, would make thing perfect just for you :)

cd MyWebApp/ ant eclipse.generate

5. Now, you may import your new project to Eclipse. I think it is File > Import > Import Existing Project to Workspace.
6. From the link here
It was this section that helps me.

The best approach is to use the command

Export > Export ... > Web > War file

You will have this command on the context menu (right mouse button on the project folder) if you installed the Java tools for Web Applications. Otherwise that should you first step.

It may be the case that your GWT project doesn't show on the selector of the Web Project field, the first on on the dialogue box when you execute the command above. If this is the case you must make sure you have the Dynamic Web Module facet on you project. Select the project root project navigator and then execute

Properties > Project Facets

and check Dynamic Web Module on the right panel if it not already checked.

You should make sure that the WAR directory used by GWT is the same used by the dynamic web module. If you are not sure what is your WAR directory (probably it's the one named "war") you can go to

Properties > Google > Web Application



Please enjoy.

On Sunday, August 13, 2017 at 7:54:16 AM UTC-7, Pool Petter Hijuela Florian wrote:
Hi.    Creating the project: GDT Pulldown >> New Web Application project (use GWT 2.7 and do not use AppEngine)    ...    Right click on the project >> Export >> Web >> WAR file >> Web Project ... This is where I have the problem. The name of my GWT project does not appear.
Currently I generate the WAR in this way: Right click on the project >> Google >> GWT Compile .... Copy the war folder in eclipse, compress it and change the extension to .war (Myproject.war). Any suggestions?
Thank You.

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