Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Re: ClassCastException in generics

ArrayBuffer arrayBuffer = fileReader2.resultArrayBuffer();
Logger.log("instanceOfArrayBuffer for file = " + isInstanceOfArrayBuffer(arrayBuffer));
ArrayBuffer good = new ArrayBuffer(arrayBuffer.getByteLength());
new Int8Array(good).set(new Int8Array(arrayBuffer));
Logger.log("instanceOfArrayBuffer for good copy = " + isInstanceOfArrayBuffer(good));
handleJetFile(name, arrayBuffer);

Oh, my bad, that was the typo, should be 

handleJetFile(name, good); 

Now it works. Oh magic. GWT rtti is a hard rock.

I think I do not need to have two buffers to workaround that issue. (better to box_
Also I do not want to make a copy of all JsType classes, one with "name = Object" and other with good names. 
The best would be still to use a boxing class.


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