Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Re: ClassCastException in generics

Sorry, copypaster error, here is the fixed

getType(buffer) = [object ArrayBuffer]
typeOf(buffer) = object

вторник, 22 августа 2017 г., 15:02:49 UTC+3 пользователь Kirill Prazdnikov написал:
Here it is:

getType(buffer) = [object ArrayBuffer]
typeOf(buffer) = [object ArrayBuffer]

private native String getType(Object x) /*-{
return Object.prototype.toString.call(x);

private native String typeOf(Object x) /*-{
return typeof x;

понедельник, 21 августа 2017 г., 21:47:37 UTC+3 пользователь Tony BenBrahim написал:
Take the object you get back from the file reader and run it through the JSNI method below and GWT,log the result. .Let's see if it really is an ArrayBuffer.(I would note the FileReader result is sometimes a String and sometimes an ArrayBuffer).
private native String getType(Object x)/*-{      return Object.prototype.toString.call(x);  }-*/  

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