Saturday, August 26, 2017

Re: GWT Application gets “404 The requested resource is not available”.

Looks like you want to use Apache + Tomcat. In that case you need to configure Apache as reverse proxy to your Tomcat. There are basically two variants:

1.) Your complete GWT app (GWT JavaScript, index.html, all server code) is inside your *.war file. In that case you would proxy any request to your domain to tomcat which usually runs on localhost:8080. So your virtual host in Apache would contain something like ProxyPass / http://localhost:8080/Index 

2.) You let Apache serve all the static files (GWT JavaScript, index.html) and tomcat only has the server code of your app in your *.war file. In that case your Apache virtual host would have a document root pointing to the folder of your GWT app and only requests to tomcat (server requests your app  makes using GWT-RPC, RequestBuilder, REST, whatever you use) would need to be proxied by Apache. So you might end up having more proxy configuration. This is more an optimization solution because you can now tune apache to serve static files and tune tomcat to deliver dynamic content.

You should google for Apache mod_proxy to find some more documentation on reverse proxying using Apache.

-- J.

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