Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Re: ClassCastException in generics

Then my next question: 

if GWT generates checkckast as "yze_g$(fileBuffer_0_g$, $wnd.ArrayBuffer)",  where "$wnd.ArrayBuffer" is a type
how can I ask GWT to generate checkckast  to ArrayBuffer, not to $wnd.ArrayBuffer ?

In case you really need to reference a type in GWT's hidden iframe, then you can use namespace="<window>" instead of namespace=GLOBAL;

No, I want reference to a global type.
but this is undocumented behavior that could possibly change or break at any time.
Better fix you JSNI to use $wnd, or use JsInterop all the way down, with namespace=GLOBAL.

Why with namespace=GLOBAL  gwt generates checks that type is $wnd.ArrayBuffer ?

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