Monday, August 21, 2017

Re: has anyone tried building a gwt application using buck ?

On Monday, August 21, 2017 at 9:54:09 AM UTC+2, wrote:
Is there any effort you know for creating a gradle gwt plugin on similar lines to your gwt-maven-plugin ? 

There's IMO no point in creating a Gradle plugin "on similar lines", because it's so easy to just use a JavaExec task to run GWT, it might actually be a good idea to group client, shared and server code in the same Gradle project, using custom sourceSets (things you simply cannot do with Maven), and creating a GWT library is a 3-liner (there might also be better ways to organize code for shared libraries than with Maven, with a single Gradle project producing 2 JARs; again something simply impossibly with Maven).
(OK, things might actually be slightly different for unit tests)
There are at least 2 Gradle plugins for GWT though: and
I personally haven't used any of them because, well, the GWT apps I work on actually use Maven (for… reasons), or are only libraries that are still incubating (e.g.

Can you kindly point me to a gwt gradle project sample ?

I know Putnami has sample projects, and you should be able to find others on GitHub searching for the plugin IDs.

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