Monday, March 27, 2017

Re: Starting new GWT project - what to use

I am just ignoring all talks about GWT3.
Nobody really knows what will go away. And the talk about it is going on for almost 3 years.
I decided I will fix stuff when GWT3 is actually released and I know for sure what will go away.

I don't use UIBinder and never used it. And I don't use GWT-RPC because I talk to a non java rest service. But also using widgets and gwt-gootstrap3.

Op maandag 27 maart 2017 06:55:27 UTC+2 schreef Bryan Buchanan:

I've been a long time GWT user, and my current apps use gwtbootstrap, UI Binder, widgets, GWT-RPC. i.e. most of the stuff that, IMO, makes GWT worth using.

From the stuff I've seen about the 3.x release, a lot of this disappears. I'm wondering if there's any document anywhere which sets out "best practice" for any new GWT deleopment (or indeed, would you even use GWT ?).


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