Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Newbie questions converting Java app to GWT

I have a Java app that I wish to convert to JavaScript using GWT. I have downloaded GWT and the plugin for Eclipse. However, I am having some problems:
1. textArea / BufferedReader
1a. Parsing each line of a textArea line by line. In Java I use This does not seem to be supported in GWT. What alternatives could I use please?
1b. There seems to be no .append(String) function for a textArea. Is outputting to a textArea not the done thing in GWT?
2. Sample code / Server issues
I do not need any server side functionality. The sample project code that is generated when creating a new project comes complete with server side code that causes problems for me as I don't have admin access to the webserver, just a folder on the server. I cannot open up ports, etc.
When I load the html page, I get a dialog saying "Couldn't load helloworld from Super Dev Mode Server...". I am compiling the app and copying the 'war' folder to my folder on the webserver.
Are there any sample 'hello world' Eclipse projects that don't have server code and that are public domain (or similar) license to get me started? Or perhaps, how do I remove the server stuff from my sample project? I can create a blank web application but some sample code to get me started.
Thanks in advance. :-)

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