Thursday, March 23, 2017

Re: CellList refreshed only after mouse move

This problem still exists in GWT 2.8.0.

I've got similar problem. I just want to select record that is clicked elsewhere but user needs to move mouse to see this effect.
It's unusable right now in this scenario because it seems application work sluggish.

Is there any workaround this problem??

Best regards

W dniu niedziela, 29 maja 2011 19:37:47 UTC+2 użytkownik mitel napisał:
I'm doing some tests using realtime message push from different
providers (Beaconpush, PubNub) and I want to render the received
as soon as they hit the client. I'm using a callback that updates a
ListDataProvider ( getList().add(pushedMessage) ).
The message is received, as I can see it in my logs , the model is
updated - I do a dataProvider.refresh().

The strange thing is that the received message is rendered in the
browser only after a mouse move inside the browser window.
If I keep moving the mouse around, the pushed messages come in real

What would be the workaround to render the information without
touching the mouse? I tried cellList.redraw() inside the callback
each message is received but doesn't help.

Thank you

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